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Interweaving natural elements in my art offers a new perspective on the wonders of nature. Intriguing details, earthy hues and fascinating forms of nature in combination with human emotions, that's what I try to capture in my art. Flora and fauna acts as an inexhaustible source of inspiration. I create wall objects by using authentic natural materials and residual flows from my social carpentry workshop. My creative ambition lies in merging and transforming natural organic forms. This creates a dynamic harmony in my work, which not only emphasizes the aesthetics and fragility of nature, but also highlights its inherent power.


People get energy and vitality from my art because each work of art tells a unique story about the harmony between people and Mother Earth.


Fascination for both nature and art has driven me from an early age. My artistic process involves combining different techniques and using various materials, including bamboo and different types of wood. My style mainly focuses on creating medium-sized works of art, which are imbued with power and impact. I manipulate organic shapes and materials in a way that symbolizes our human nature. The ultimate goal is to convey my love of nature and reveal the limitless stories that flow from my artistic expression.


My artworks are powerful and investigative, sometimes impulsive, but at the same time they radiate modesty and vulnerability. The cycles of the seasons, the transience and imperfection of nature are themes that are close to my heart and that find their way into my work.

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Name: Serenity

42 x 42 cm. – Euro 2995

Name: Tranquility

70 x 70 cm. - Euro 3995

Name: Consolation

45 x 85 cm. - Euro 3995

Name: World of Golden Happiness

70 x 70 cm. – Euro 3995

Name: Touch of Gold

27,5 x 21 cm. - Euro 395

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